Pool Maintenance Services

Pool Maintenance Services

A&B offers comprehensive swimming pool maintenance services.

Water Chemistry

Water chemistry is the backbone on which a good swimming experience is built. The swimming pool is just a big hole in the ground, but if it's filled with crystal clear water that doesn't burn the swimmers' eyes, the experience is refreshing and fun.

There's a little bit more to it than that: water chemistry must be balanced continually to ensure that swimmers are protected from harmful bacteria. We understand the relationship between the water and the swimmer and the importance of frequently monitoring chemistry to ensure a safe and fun pool experience. A&B is also using innovative techniques and all-natural products to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that are used. These new products provide a more satisfying pool experience.


Swimming pool equipment is designed to move that beautiful, clear, refreshing water through heating, filtering and sanitizing equipment to maintain the right water balance. Heating equipment requires annual maintenance for safety and efficiency. Professional boiler services are best utilized in the spring, prior to the pool season. We have seen boiler inspections and service result in significant improvement in efficiency, and lower energy costs over previous years in which inspections were not completed. Filters require routine sand changes. Industry standards call for replacement every 4 to 5 years. This sand must be precisely specified to ensure maximum filtering effectiveness. Not just any sand will do. By working with clean sand, chemistry is improved, and water clarity is more efficiently maintained.

The experienced pool maintenance expert understands that frequent monitoring of the pool is critical. Our staff is aware of the critical signs of water imbalance. Our owners work with the staff to proactively monitor the water for signs of equipment issues. A&B will quickly respond to equipment issues, making needed repairs to ensure that the pool stays open.

Pool equipment requires monitoring and regular upkeep. A&B monitors pumps for unusual behavior, water clarity and pressure changes to help us identify filter issues, and as issues are noted, our staff and owners will respond with routine maintenance or replacement/repair in consultation with the client.


In our climate, the experienced pool technician must understand the importance of appropriately winterizing the pool. After a fun season A&B will close the pool so it is ready to go in the spring. When spring arrives, we will be ready to get your pool ready for the upcoming season.

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