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Aquatics Swim Team

A summer swim team can be a fun and beneficial neighborhood activity both for young swimmers and families. The team can provide a great way for kids to learn how to compete or to decide if they want to pursue swimming year-round.

A&B will coordinate the team, hire coaches, and work with team families to provide a fun atmosphere for young athletes to learn about competition, being good teammates, while developing strong swimming fundamentals. The summer league runs from early June through late July, with practices in the mornings and meets through the summer. Most clubs are required to host at least one meet per season, and parent volunteers are required to staff the home meets. Check our NEWS page or your neighborhood newsletter for details.

Swim Lessons

A&B offers group swim lessons for all the young swimmers in our clients' neighborhoods. Our 7-level lesson program stresses swimming skills necessary to have fun and stay safe. The program is designed to enable young swimmers to develop from beginning swimmers to having skills that will enable them to compete, if so chosen, and to progress to the point where they can become strong swimmers for a healthful, lifelong sport.

A&B also offers private lessons by appointment. Swimmers of all abilities can develop very quickly with individual attention, or private teachers can provide some higher-level skills for the more advanced swimmer.

A&B hires qualified, positive, energetic lesson teachers for our summer lesson programs. A&B will coordinate the lesson program, offering multiple sessions at the seven ability levels.

Water Aerobics

Many communities appreciate a morning water aerobics class for pool members. Our aerobics are designed to be a fun way to get some vigorous exercise on the beautiful, Colorado, summer mornings. We have minimum class sizes and offer drop-in pricing, so check our NEWS page and your newsletter for more information.

Private Party Planning

Many neighborhoods offer members the chance to host events at their pools after hours. A&B will coordinate scheduling these events, and will staff the events with lifeguards to make sure your events are not only fun, but also safe. Check your neighborhood newsletter and a scheduling book at the pool for fees and available evenings. All summer parties require two lifeguards at a minimum, and one guard per 20 party guests after 40.

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